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When we plan a study, perform the study, analyze the results and submit the results for publication in the form of a manuscript, we refer to a number of previously published articles which are directly or indirectly relevant to our study. These articles which we refer to during the course of our study are cited in our manuscript and the references are given the "References" section.

Why do we give citations and references in our manuscripts?
We give citations and references for many reasons. Some are: i) to distinguish between our own ideas and findings from those of previously published authors; ii) to give readers the sources of information relevant to the study which the readers can follow up to know more about the facts given in the study; and iii) to give credit and recognition to the ideas, methods, and results of others.

An interesting question is – In the process from planning the study to writing the manuscript, do we refer only to the literature cited in the manuscript and listed in "References"?

"No." will be an almost unanimous answer.

We refer to many more resources than the articles we cite and reference in our manuscripts. We may refer to a reference book for a definition or a classification, a laboratory manual for explanation of a technique, or a video to know more about a procedure. How many of us have referred to Wikipedia for some information? These resources although necessary for planning and performing our study, and writing our manuscript are perhaps not directly relevant to our study to be cited in the "References" section.

Edorium Journals has introduced a new section of "Suggested Reading" in the published articles. This will give readers more resources to refer to than just those given in the "References"

The section of "Suggested Reading" in the article.
(The above page is for demonstration only. Actual page may be different from this page.)

Here are some FAQ's about the "Suggested Reading" section of the articles.

What can be included in the "Suggested Reading" section?
You can include references to articles, abstracts, books, manuals, webpages, videos, presentations or any other material you have referred to in planning and writing your study which are either not directly relevant to your study or not important enough to be cited in the text and given in the "References" section.

Where will the section of "Suggested Reading" placed in the articles?
The section of "Suggested Reading" will be placed after the "References" section and will be the last section of the article.

How many items can be included in the "Suggested Reading" section?
You can include any number of items, but we suggest you to limit the number to 15 or less for review articles and original articles and 10 or less for case series and case reports.

What is the format for items in the "Suggested Reading" section?
The format of most of the items is given in the "Instructions for Authors" on the journal website. If format for any resource you referred to is not given in the "Instructions for Authors", you can use your own format. If corrections are required, we will contact you during the review process.

Can I cite the items in the "Suggested Reading" section in the text of the manuscript?
No. Please DO NOT cite the items in the "Suggested Reading" section in the text of your manuscript. If it is found that the items in the "Suggested Reading" section are cited in the text of the manuscript, the manuscript will require revision to remove the same.

Will the items in the "Suggested Reading" section submitted/used for calculating scores such as Impact Factor?
No. The items in the "Suggested Reading" section will not be submitted/used for calculating scores such as Impact Factor. Only the references given in the "References" section will be used for calculating any such score.

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