List of Open Access Journals

Open access journals are scholarly publications which are available online to readers, institutions, organizations and libraries without any payment, licensing, subscription and copyright barriers. These journals are key resources used by academicians and scientists to broaden their understanding of the current happenings in their respective disciplines. It was estimated in October 2015 that there are more than 10,000 open access journals listed in a variety of disciplines including medicine, science, humanities, technology, chemistry, arts, biology, engineering, management, physics, cancer research, neuroscience, genetics, immunology and infection, environment, developmental biology, bioengineering, clinical skills, biochemistry, behavior, psychology, and many more. Even under each of these specializations, different sub specializations exist. With a list of Open Access Journals at your disposal, you can have instant, easy and timely access to journals of your preference. This article provides you with comprehensive information on open access journals including their importance and benefits, open access journal publishers, and an open access journals list under a variety of disciplines. These are international journals lists.

List of Peer Reviewed Open Access Journals


Edorium  Journal of  Anatomy and Embryology  (Open Access Journal)
Edorium  Journal of  Anesthesia  (Open Access Journal)


Edorium  Journal of  Biochemistry  (Open Access Journal)


Case Reports International  (Open Access Journal) 
Edorium  Journal of  Cancer  (Open Access Journal) 
Edorium  Journal of  Cardiology  (Open Access Journal) 
Edorium  Journal of  Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery  (Open Access Journal) 
Edorium  Journal of  Cell Biology  (Open Access Journal)


Edorium  Journal of  Dentistry  (Open Access Journal) 
Edorium  Journal of  Dermatology  (Open Access Journal) 
Edorium  Journal of  Disability and Rehabilitation  (Open Access Journal)


Edorium  Journal of  Maternal and Child Health  (Open Access Journal) 
Edorium  Journal of  Medicine  (Open Access Journal) 
Edorium  Journal of  Microbiology  (Open Access Journal)


Edorium  Journal of  Neurology  (Open Access Journal)


Edorium Open  (Open Access Journal) 
Edorium  Journal of  Ophthalmology  (Open Access Journal) 
Edorium  Journal of  Orthopedics  (Open Access Journal) 
Edorium  Journal of  Otolaryngology  (Open Access Journal)


Edorium  Journal of  Pathology  (Open Access Journal) 
Edorium  Journal of  Pediatrics  (Open Access Journal) 
Edorium  Journal of  Psychiatry  (Open Access Journal) 
Edorium  Journal of  Psychology  (Open Access Journal) 
Edorium  Journal of  Public Health  (Open Access Journal)


Edorium  Journal of  Radiology  (Open Access Journal)


Edorium  Journal of  Surgery  (Open Access Journal)


Video Journal of Biomedical Science  (Open Access Journal) 
Video Journal of Clinical Research  (Open Access Journal)

Edorium journals

Edorium journals is one of the leading academic publishers of open access journals. It publishes peer reviewed journals and international journals in fields including basic sciences, medical specialties and surgical specialties. You can refer the open access journals list on Edorium Journals to know the sub-specialties under which scholarly articles can be published here. It thus provides every scholarly author with a platform to publish their work in a list of high quality open access journals.

As a publisher of academic open access journals, the Edorium Journals is committed to providing exceptional services. It offers courteous, personalized and efficient services to ensure high quality work in the peer reviewed journals and to nourish these journals into the most authoritative ones in their respective areas of study. You can check out their international journals list.

The Edorium Journals publishes all scholarly content under a list of journals under the open access model defined under Bethesda, Berlin and Budapest open access declarations. It makes available the entire content of its published articles freely available for every reader; and provides the public with the right to read, download, use, print, build upon and re-use these articles.

The distribution of the published articles under the Edorium Journals is governed by the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. This allows these contents to be used, distributed and reproduced in an unrestricted manner, free of cost, and in any medium, provided due credit is given to the original publisher and the original author(s). The authors retain the copyright of their work published in the Open Access Journals List on Edorium Journals.

The importance and benefits of open access journals

Information plays an important role in the knowledge societies. Open access helps fulfill the original purpose of scholarly publishing which is to disseminate knowledge and pave way for that knowledge to be built upon. Cost should not be a hindering factor for students (and others) from getting access to the research findings that they require. The open availability and the filterability of the scholarly research that list of open access journals holds has a significant favorable effect on every aspect, ranging from medicine to education to innovation. Listed here below are the benefits that open access offers to different groups, and it is more likely that you belong to more than one single group.


Open access journals provide an easy access to scientific journal networks, and thus help students in a number of ways.

A complete education: Academicians in any discipline require access to the latest research to gain a complete education in their study niche. Students tend to settle for the available information rather than the relevant one when this access is restricted. Thus, open access to a broad list of journals, preferably a list of international journals, helps students get the best possible education.

Teacher gets well equipped: When professors gain access to the information on advancing science, student’s education is up-to-date when they finish a course. So, teachers too benefit when they have a list of open access journals, preferably a list of international journals handy.

Research for papers: Open access to a wide list of journals ensures that students get the right material for their research papers, whether or not their campus network or library has a subscription. Researchers are encouraged to browse through the list of open access journals published by the Edorium Journals.

Students from less well-funded institutions benefit: The staggering prices of subscription journals deprive those students from less well-funded universities and colleges to be deprived of scholarly records. Even more deprived are those students at community colleges, who are a notable section of students in higher education. When these students have a list of journals, preferably a list of international journals, for open access at their disposal, they are benefited.

Beyond the degree: Students require access to scholarly research even after their graduation in order to make an impact in their fields of specialization. But soon after getting their degrees, their access to their preferred list of open access journals via libraries gets expired. The existence of a list of journals for open access eliminates this problem.


Researchers benefit in the following ways from open access journals

Citation benefits: It has been shown by studies that open access journals are often cited by other researchers. This increases the researcher’s Academic Performance Index (API).

Duplication prevented: Researchers do not want to waste their time, efforts and money on carrying out a research which has been attempted elsewhere but ineffective communication makes this very much possible. When previous research works in a list of journals are made available for open access, such duplication is prevented to a vast extent.

Helps build on research: Researches are done to be shared to spread knowledge and let other researchers build on it. When scholarly publications are locked away by price barriers, science cannot accomplish its complete potential. When a list of journals is made available for open access, researchers can build on what has already been found.

Text data mining: This refers to the process of extracting high-quality info from text. When a list of open access journals is available, researchers can uncover trends and connections within their own specialization and between apparently unrelated specialties.

Rapid recognition: Authors who contribute to open access journals gain fantastic recognition and reputation among their research communities. When these works get extensively explored, the impact factor for the journal increases. So, we encourage authors to check out the Open Access Journals List on Edorium Journals.


Barack Obama, the ex-president of the United States, mentioned in 2009 in his address to the American Medical Association saying “too many doctors and patients are making decisions without the benefit of the latest research”. Doctors need access to high quality current medical information to make the right decisions concerning their patients. A long list of journals under various medical disciplines when available for open access allows them to access relevant information. We encourage doctors to view the Open Access Journals List on Edorium Journals.


Patients and their advocates too deserve and need access to scholarly medical research information so that they can investigate the medical literature themselves to make comparison of the available treatments and comprehend their situations better. While most of the subscription medical journals allow accessing them at the cost of nearly $30 per article, with a list of open access journals at their disposal, they are able to do this for free. Patients can make use of the Open Access Journals List on Edorium Journals. This is an international journals list.

Developing countries

Students, doctors and researchers in the developing countries require access to research publications in order to survive. But the barriers they face are often much steeper than those faced by those in the developed countries. Educational, medical and research institutions in these countries are not able to allocate even a fraction of the budget allocated by those in developed countries towards journal budgets. A good list of open access journals helps them gain access to the research materials needed for learning, treating patients, and carrying out further research. Moreover, open access enhances the profile of research done in the developing world, globally and locally. Students in developing countries are therefore encouraged to benefit from the list of open access journals available at the Edorium Journals. This is an international journals list.

Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses 

Price barriers hinder entrepreneurs and small businesses from accessing recent research findings from international journals lists. However, these entities in a variety of fields from alternative energies to biotechnology would benefit greatly from gaining complete access to up-to-date research findings. Open access aids them to utilize cutting-edge research for their innovations. Entrepreneurs and small businesses who would like to get access to the recent research findings can list of scientific journals In Edorium Journals. This is an international journals list.

The public

The common public too benefits from the existence of lists of international journals for open access. The taxpaying public is responsible for funding researches. When the findings of these researches are made available to the widest group of audience possible, it enables them to utilize and build upon new concepts. Moreover, the taxpaying public has the cumulative right to access the information gained from our investment. We encourage the public to get benefited from the list of scientific journals at the Edorium Journals.


Many publishers of scholarly content over the web, both for-profit and non-profit, voluntarily make their content available for open access either at the publication time or over a period of 6 to 12 months. These days, many of them have transited from being a closed subscription model to an open access one. This prudent business resolution helps them successfully increase their journals’ visibility and impact. You can view the lists of international journals on which they accept and display scholarly articles. We encourage you to go through the list of scientific journals published by the Edorium Journals.

Open Access Journals List on Edorium Journals

Following are the list of open access journals published by the Edorium Journals. You can go through these lists of journals to know if you can publish your work with the Edorium Journals.

Why Publish with the Edorium Journals?

By publishing with this leading academic publisher in their list of scientific journals, you get to publish in journals with broad scope and specific specializations, your publication would be available for open access, you can avail fast online submissions and prompt services, your article’s high-quality will be ensured with its stringent editorial review, the peer review process would eliminate bias and subjective judgments from the decision making process, and the acceptance of your manuscript will be based on the scientific validity and quality of work , rather than on the availability of free space on the journal.

Further, you also get to enjoy other benefits like early decision, rapid dissemination, immediate publication, no handling and submission charges, access to your article in different formats, very low article publication charges, rapid and wide dissemination, citation facility, copyright to your work, and increased impact. So, check out the journals list on Edorium Journals.