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I congratulate you for the high quality of the publication process of your journal. I have appreciated the continuous communication and support you have shown since the beginning of the process. I would also like to inform you that I have greatly appreciated the quality of the peer review with its relevant and high scientific level remarks. I look forward to collaborating with your journal in future articles.

-Dr. Sabah Bouhou

Publication experience in International Journal of Case Reports and Images was amazing. All the parts of the publication process (starting from submission and ending with the rapid peer review) were absolutely perfect within a reasonable time. I strongly recommend this journal to everyone in the scientific world.


Publication experience in International Journal of Case Reports and Images was amazing. All the parts of the publication process (starting from submission and ending with the rapid peer review) were absolutely perfect. I strongly recommend this Journal!
-Dr. Matteo Guarino

I am very pleased with Edorium’s publishing process. Timely feedback with helpful reviewer and editorial comments made publishing with this journal seamless.
-Dr. Nicholas Figaro

It is, without a doubt, a pleasant experience to have our manuscripts published by IJCRI. The reviewers’ suggestions enhance our work.
-Dr. Antonio Catharino

It has been a great experience of being associated with this journal. The process of publication was very quick and the reviewers’comments were very valuable.
-Dr. Le dimanche

The process of publication was seamless and appealing. The reliable and effective editorial team was remarkable. I highly recommend this journal for researchers. Keep it up.
-Dr. Ahmad

It was a great experience to publish in Case Reports International. All the process from the submisson of the paper until its publication was very organized, fast and encouraging. I strongly recommend this journal to everyone in the scientific world.

-Dr. Mehmet Ozaydin

The process of publishing an article at the International Journal of Case Reports and Images was clear and well-guided. Feedback about approval and publication were fast.

-Dr. Hannelore Delagrange

The Journal of Case Reports and Images in Obstetrics and Gynecology with its streamlined editorial process is an invaluable resource that emphasizes the importance of medical imaging in clinical diagnosis and treatment. Its top quality case reports provide a snapshot of unusual findings or associations that can stimulate new ideas and offer guidance for challenging clinical situations.

-Dr. Sadhana Mangwana

The Journal of Case Reports and Images in Obstetrics and Gynecology with its streamlined editorial process is an invaluable resource that emphasizes the importance of medical imaging in clinical diagnosis and treatment. Its top quality case reports provide a snapshot of unusual findings or associations that can stimulate new ideas and offer guidance for challenging clinical situations.

-Dr. Marcia Javitt

I was very pleased with all the process of publishing my article at Case Reports International journal. The process and the cooperation were very professional and I am glad I chose your journal for my publication. Many thanks for the great opportunity.

-Dr. Maryam Fadhel Hammad

Classy journal and quick in processing of submission and publication. I am pleased to work with you. I wish you success and brilliance.

-Dr. Alyaa

We are very pleased with all the process of publishing our article at the International Journal of Case Reports and Images. All phases of peer-review, approval and publication were incredibly fast. We thank all the staff once again for the oppotunity!

-Barbara Gehrke

Publication experience in Journal of Case Reports and Images in Oncology was great. Process of submission is easy and clear, rapid response from editors and their professionality in all process of publication. I strongly recommend the journal for you.

-Samir Alfotih

I am very pleased with the speedy and thorough publication process of your journal and I greatly appreciate the efforts of the editors to encourage researchers. I highly recommend this journal and plan to submit more articles.

-Saliha Mharchi

From the initial submission of our manuscript till it was published, the whole process was pleasant to me and to my co-authors. The submission guidelines and forms are very clear. The editor has been responsive to all our questions and inquiry. The reviewers were well selected, which facilitated constructive remarks and suggestions.

-Hani Serag

Submission process was not cumbersome. Similarly, peer review process was straight forward and done in a timely manner. I also appreciate the journal making an effort to publish a short bio of the authors as well. Would recommend for publication of case reports.

-Mohammad Abedi

I was very happy to choose this journal for my publication. The comments from Editor and reviewer were excellent. I thank you.

-Felix Sierra

This journal is well reputed as well as knitted with a group of efficient reviewers who has guided me with their patience, well monitoring as well as their utmost effort. l am really glad for their humble guidance. Therefore, l wish their prosperity and successful movement in a blessed way.

-Sonia Shormin Miah

The journal Case Reports International is very structured. The review and acceptance times of articles are fast. It is a journal which has a wide circulation, I receive a lot of messages concerning my manuscript. I highly recommend this journal to you.

-Yakhya Cisse

It has been a great experience of being associated with this journal. I appreciate the high standard of scientific content this journal publishes.The researches are analysed thoroughly and deep to its core before being presented to its readers.

-Poonam Kashyap

I am pleased to publish some of my case reports in the International Journal of Case Report and Images. We really appreciate Editorial Office’s help and support. Looking forward to getting more manuscripts published.

– Sherif Monib

It was wonderful great to be a part of this journal. Thank you so much for considering our article for publication in 2020.

– Theresia A Karuhanga

I am very pleased with the submission process and timing of publication of your journal. Journal APC are convenient to researchers from developing countries. I had great experience publishing with you. We will be considering future publications with your journal.

– Sannlinko

The whole team and the process has been great to work with. The editors were very informative and very helpful.

– Waheed Abdul

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to publish in your journal. I learnt a lot from the comments and my colleagues were impressed by the quality of the paper. It was a worthwhile experience and I will like to publish another article soon.

– Akpa Matthew

Publishing the article in Edorium Journal of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery was a very good experience. Excellent comments from the editors made our paper better for publication and when the article was published, the quality of the figures and the paper itself looked very good. Thank you.

– Santiago Endara

It is a friendly journal to the author by leading the author through the editor and reviewer comments. But also it is the journal which gives a feedback within the short time.

– Theresia karuhanga

I published in the Edorium Journal of Public Health and Edorium Journal of Disability and Rehabilitation. I found both impressive in all of the processes. They provide feedback timely and efficiently. See once again in my future work as well.

– Hafte Teklay

We were extremely grateful to choose this journal, we highly recommend their excellent editorial board.

– Gabriel Molina

It was very great to be a part of this international journal and thank you for considering my article for case report.

– Ankur Arya

I was impressed by the speed and thoroughness of the review and approval of submission to the The Journal of Case Reports and Images in Pediatrics. Thank you for providing a great venue to publish pediatric case reports!

– Marcie Atienza

The Journal of Case Reports and Images in Obstetrics and Gynecology were a pleasure to liaise with. They were efficient and timely with all correspondence and were receptive to my input and feedback. They were very professional and I would be keen to publish with them again.

– Nader Gad

I had the opportunity to get my paper titled “Accidental prank leading to pneumatic colon injury”, published in your esteemed journal, “Journal of Case Reports and Images in Surgery”. I am impressed with the professional approach of the administrators of the Journal in ably processing the contents and publishing it in the shortest possible time.

I am also impressed with the clarity of the print of the article and pictures. I am sure Surgeons the world over will greatly benefit from this journal in the years to come. I extend my best wishes the Journal, the Editor and the entire administrative team to carry on with their good work.”

– TR Gopalan

It has been a very easy and smooth flowing publication process. Turn around time is rather quick; approachability and communication with the team is highly appreciated.

– Gurwant Kaur

It was a pleasant experience publishing with Edorium Journal of Cancer. The Editorial and Reviewers comments were most helpful and prompt. The guidelines for the process of publication is fairly straightforward. Edorium Journals will surely go a very long way.


– Eni Uche Emmanuel

My team had a wonderful experience publishing in International Journal of Case Reports and Images (IJCRI). The editorial process and professionalism are top tier and it shows in the level of production of the journal.

– ABAINOU Lahoussaine

The journal has unique contents edited by excellent editorial board. Thank you so much & regards.

– Adam Richardson

I would like to thank you for publishing my article on your journal. I testify that the Case Report International is one of the best journals offering a high volume of cases and it is an important resourse offering a high quality articles on common and rare conditions. Ii was for me the first publication on your journal but it will not be the last because i really enjoyed interacting with you and it was one of the a great experience publishing in my career.

– ABAINOU Lahoussaine

Working with Edorium Journals was a true pleasure! The publication process was quick and efficient, with critical feedback provided through peer review, and timely response rates to emails. I appreciate the level of organization, and will surely be publishing with this journal again!

– Christine Sykalo

It is my honor to submit a case report in International Journal of Case Reports and Images (IJCRI). When we have the next chance to submit a manuscript, we would like to choose IJCRI, again.

– Yasuyuki Taooka

Journal of Case Reports and Images in Medicine is an open access peer reviewed journal which ensures good quality publications within a very short time frame, while most of the journals have considerable delay due to many reasons. Their service and correspondence is timely and response is also very prompt. I would wish them all the best for future and will encourage publications in this journal.

– Uddalak Chakraborty

Scientific journal with rigorous editorial process that is effective allowing quick publication.

РJọo Pedro Costelha Leal

I found the Journal website to be very easy to navigate. It was great getting feedback within a short period of time.

– Alicia Harbison

It is a great pleasure for me that I am the member of your journal as an author. The entire process of publication was extremely good and I enjoyed.

– Mst. Rabea Begum

It is with great pride that I was able to publish my article with IJCRI. They were very quick in their response, suggestions for corrections and their own publication. I am very pleased to be able to do science with IJCRI.

– Vítor Devezas

The Edorium journals are well-organised and of high standards. Review and acceptance time of articles are excellent — highly recommended journal.

– Muthu Viknesh

I have the honor to publish in your journal and work with such professional people in order to develop science and share knowledge and experiences.

– Yassine Smiti

I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for the International Journal of Case Reports and Images (IJCRI) and I very much enjoyed the process of publishing our work with them. IJCRI is an excellent venue to submit case reports and clinical images for peer review and public dissemination.

– Adam Richardson

The International Journal of Case Reports and Images (IJCRI) is a very good journal to publish our most interesting and rare case with a low cost for publication. We believe this journal in the future will be a famous and prestigious journal among scientist and clinician. As for the publication process, IJCRI has a very quick processing of the manuscripts. I am really happy to publish my work and case in this journal.

– Muhammad Yunus AMRAN

We were truly pleased to publish our article in International Journal of Case Reports and Images. The entire process, from submission to publication, was very smooth and fast (about 2 months), and the editorial staff was professional and efficient. We therefore highly encourage to publish in International Journal of Case Reports and Images

– Sara Sintra

My experience with the process of evaluation and publication of manuscript in the journal Case Reports and Images in Infectious Diseases has been satisfactory. I have to emphasize the professionalism and attention received at all times.

– Juan F. Martínez Carmona

Edorium was the first window to reflect my works; I started to believe in the journal since the early days of my career. Supportive, Professional and excellence, these three words are mostly perfect for the journal. I always believe, this journal should be one of the best choices for a researcher who is working in the field of disability and rehabilitation.

– Kazi Md. Amran Hossain

I am grateful for this opportunity. I chose this journal because it allows you to use more than three authors as well as to write an extensive case as the complexity of the case required. I found your simple website, as well as the procedures for publishing it in your journal. It has been revised in a short period of time. I look forward to working with you again.

– Carlos Romero Gómez (Author)

We are happy to publish our case report in Journal of case reports and images of surgery quickly and with reasonable publishing cost. We hope the case report give a some kinds of good information to the readers in the world. Thank you very much.

– Saburo Kakizoe (Author)

This was my first time to submit a video article to Edorium Jornals. The editing process was smooth and quick. I am looking forward to further collaboration.

– Jun Takeda (Author)

I was pleased with my decision to submit my work to the ‘Journal of Case Reports and Images in Dentistry’. The acceptance and all editorial process went smoothly, with fast and constructive replies. The journal description and rules are very clear and objective. I advise any colleague to consider submitting the work to this journal.

– Luís Fonseca (Author)

I use this medium to convene my sincere appreciation to you for the publication of my articles. Thank you all and recommending the journal as one of the best in scientific world.

– S O Popoola (Author)

It is a very good journal to publish our case reports. The editorial staff did a great job very quick in processing the submitted articles. I strongly recommend this journal.

– Marta Reia (Author)

The instant communication and engagement by the editorial team was exceptional; and the speed with which my manuscript was processed, peer reviewed and eventually published by the journal was very gladdening . The final outcome of the manuscript was superb. I commend the editorial team of the IJCRI and recommend the journal to anyone who wants a fast and efficient publishing of his research work

– Okonkwo Ogugua (Author)

My experience with the editorial staff of “International journal of case report and images” was remarkably professional. Their attention to detail is impressive; looking forward to getting more manuscripts published!

– Kene Maduemem (Author)

I needed to get two publications to enable me get a promotion at my work place. I submitted my first manuscript to a regional journal and one month later, I submitted my second manuscript to the Edorium Journal of Dentistry. There is no comparison in the professionalism with which my manuscript was handled by the Edorium Journal team, culminating in publication of my work in a space of 3 months or so. In particular, I appreciated the easy-to-follow steps in submitting the manuscript, strict adherence to timelines given for response to communication and the rapid turnover time from submission to publication. I highly recommend this journal to my colleagues who are looking forward to publishing their work with an International journal with an effective and efficient publishing process.

– Mary Atieno Masiga (Author)

The “International Journal of Case Report Images” team has been very supportive and professional. It has been a pleasure working with them. They are fast and efficient and work hard to promote ease of publishing papers, especially for healthcare professionals from developing countries. This is a great service to the worldwide community of scientific and healthcare professionals

– Gareth Lim (Author)

We were delighted to work with you until the publication of our article. This experience will remain for us one of the best.

– NKECK Jan René (Author)

I would like to mention that the collaboration with you was an exciting experience for me and my colleagues. The guidance for authors was very helpful and easy for us to follow, your replies to our inquiries were accurate and immediate and your help for the upload process of our manuscript, invaluable. Regarding the review process, it was straightforward, with really interesting topics for discussion selected for refinement. In conclusion, my experience from your Journal is more than positive. I would be grateful if you could offer me the possibility of considering again in the near future another article of our team for publication. I would recommend your Journal to other authors as the best choice to submit their valuable work.

– Dimitrios Panagopoulos (Author)

I am grateful for your kind support and help for publishing my work. Hope all success.

– Aso Faeq SALIH (Author)

I thank you greatly for publishing our article. I am delighted to have published a paper with Edorium Journal. The entire members of the editorial board are nice people; the reviews were thorough, errors on the side of the editors were minimised, and I was briefed all through with the publication process even when I was not available for couple of months to respond to reviewers comment, the work still went through. Thanks to Edorium Journal of Waste Management. I look forward to our future coexistence.

– Ugbe Fabian Audu (Author)

I would like to thank you for your great effort, support and help till my Manuscript was finally published. This manuscript describes a new indication of percutaneous drainage of a traumatic subcapsular splenic hematoma and it was the first case published in literature. I really enjoyed the process from submission till final decision and publication. The journal has an expert group of reviewers that made the process short and conclusive.

– Alaa Sedik (Author)

The submission of my work to International Journal of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Diseases was a great experience. The peer review was thorough, yet remarkably quick. Online publication was also very fast and very attractive.

– Carl Hornfeldt (Author)

Edorium Journal is very effective and efficient in the process of publishing articles. It really took a reasonable time to publish my article. Keep it up.

– Purity Simasiku (Author)

It gives me immense pleasure to attest to the standards of publications being produced by your highly esteemed publishing company. Publishing in this journal was a very enjoyable experience with very accessible publication fees, quick publishing process, extremely helpful peer reviewers, highly cooperative editors and last but not the least well well adhered prompt response. I would strongly recommend submissions to IJCRI. I also wish to submit more papers.

– Amitha (Author)

Publishing in Edorium journal of surgery was a very interesting experience, peer reviewers were very helpful, publishing process was very fast, editors were very cooperative.

– Mohamed Lotfy (Author)

Straightforward process. Very accessible publication fees. They did not ask me to bend over backwards with excessive editorial suggestions. I recommend it.

– Luis Dominguez (Author)

Publishing with this journal was very easy, straightforward and also within schedule. Honestly, this journal has the best editing of manuscript and the published article is compared to none. I will surely recommend this journal to colleagues and looking forward to publish with you often. Thank you so much Edorium journals

– Eric Agyeman-Duah(Author)

It gives me a great pleasure to testify to the high quality of publications being produced by your highly esteemed publishing company. It is worthy of note, without any equivocation, that the publication of my manuscript entitled “Dental occlusion: A newly proposed tetrahedral theory of occlusion” has put me in the world map of academia based on the numerous special invitations or requests from many reputable publishing companies asking me to contribute articles to be published in their journals. I sincerely and strongly attest to the high standards of your editorial and peer-reviewing processes; and it is my desire to sustain the wonderful and cordial interaction between your publishing company and me.

– Loto, A.O.(Author)

It is my pleasure for publishing a case report on IJCRI. I appreciate for editorial office’s help

– Yasuyuki Taooka (Author)

This is my first case report published with you. My experience was good. I found editorial team very supportive. My sincere thanks to them. Reviewers were extremely sincere, delegent, and careful. My wholehearted appreciation to them with thanks. I feel obliged to them. Please convey my sincere regards to them.

– Madhav Raje (Author)

Edorium journals had very professional attitude and rapid and timely response. My experience was very good. Each and every detail was thorough and swift.I recommend authors to submit in one of the edorium journals. I also wish to submit more papers.


My experience is unprecedented. I must confess never had such an express response from the editorial board on article processing. The time lines given for response to communications are well adhered. Please keep it up.

– A.U El-Nafaty (Author)

It is pleasure to publish our very first article with a great journal such as International Journal of Case Reports and Images (IJCRI). We are really proud to work with your hard working team and we would thank you so much for facilitating this experience and making it very incredible. We recommend all authors to submit their manuscript with a fascinating journal which appreciates their work and presents it in very professional way such as IJCRI

– Luma Haj Kassem (Author)

Edorium Journal of Infectious Diseases is superb for scientific publications; it is one of the standard journals for scientific reports.

– Ololade Z.S (Author)

It is very special for me given that –my first ever case report got published and I thank IJCRI. The response from the editorial team is extremely swift and very professional. They are ready to address any queries with extremely short waiting periods. Highly recommended.

– Anadi Khatri K C (Author)

Fantastic work indeed! I am impressed by the detailed comments, and checking of numbers/facts, fast review and publication process of Edorium journal of Psychology.

– Almaz Seid (Author)

Journal of Case Reports and Images in Obstetrics and Gynecology gave us a simple and user-friendly submitting process, a rapid and quality review, and low cost for publication. We believe this journal must become popular amon (Author)s and readers in obstetrics and gynecology.

– Hiroshi Yoshida (Author)

As a third year medical student with very little time, it was hard finding journals with easy to follow submission processes. One may have valuable research that is pertinent to the medical advancement but simply may not decide to publish because of the lengthy process of submissions, peer review, and final response. I was thrilled when I came across IJCRI and the ease it provided when submitting my valuable work. I am beyond satisfied with the services and publishing. All questions I had, including inquiries about the status of my article, were answered not only promptly but courteously. I highly recommend submissions to IJCRI.

– G. Matharoo (Author)

I would like to thank you in the beginning for all the effort and what makes you a good and a strong journal is the excellent communication between th (Author) and the editor and I would recommended you to colleagues and wish to submit more paper in your journal in the future.

– LIQA al Mulla (Author)

Congratulations for the excellent handling and timely processing of the manuscript. The exceptional performance is commendable in addition to the great peer review input.

– Felix Oindi (Author)

It is my pleasure for publishing a case report on IJCRI. I appreciate for editorial office’s help.

– Y Taooka (Author)

I wanted to make a point of complementing you, and thanking you, for the service provided by you. You were helpful beyond expectations in assisting us getting our case report published. Because of the quality of service, the professionalism and most importantly the results, we are committed to the International Journal of CaseReports and images as a major ongoing part of our future publications.

– Majdi Saada (Author)

To the editors, anonymous reviewers,contributors and all the other invisible part of the chain that made this possible I just want tosay a very BIG THANK YOU. God bless you all.

– Celina (Author)

Thanks for publish my manuscript in your journal. I am very much happy with the dealings of this journal. The responses are very prompt and very much well communicative. Hope to submit more and more works in this journal in future.

– Arman Reza Chowdhury (Author)

Thank you very much for the professional assistance rendered in publishing my article. I enjoyed interacting with you and could not have wished for a better journal! Not only was the response timely, the editorial reviews helped to enrich the article. I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues. Happ (Author)!

– Mazuba Hachipola (Author)

I was very pleased submitting my article to this journal. Although, i was particularly impressed by the quickness and the deepness of the reviewer’s feedback. Finally, at least in less than four month, my article was corrected, improved and published where others journals could take no less than 9 months. Congratulation!!!! It was a real pleasure publishing at this journal.

– Professeur Ibrahima SECK (Author)

Submitting my paper to this journal was an amazing experience. The review process of the case report was efficient and meticulous. All the process of publication was very quick. I will recommend this journal to other researchers. I hope to send another manuscript soon.

– Karimy Hamad Mehanna (Author)

Journal of Case Reports and Images in Medicine was timely in their responses, professional at all times, and gave excellent feedback and suggested edits that ultimately strengthened our manuscript. We are honored to be featured in this journal and would definitely submit work here again in the future!.

– Samuel Reynolds (Author)

We had the opportunity to share some of our clinical observations with the readers of IJCRI. It was a great pleasure.

– Adriaan Dees (Author)

Thank you very much for accepting to publish my work. I appreciate the fact that the review process was not too lengthy and that communications with the editor were handled professionally. I would not hesitate sending more case report to your journal for consideration.

– ME Kisansa (Author)

It was a pleasure submitting my paper to this journal. I found the editorial team to be very knowledgeable, competent and my manuscript was dealt in a time namely fashion.

– Pranab Sinha (Author)

“They (Author)s kindly appreciate the Edorium Journal of Public Health for publishing our work and would like to forward special gratitude to the Edorium Journal of Public Health editors. We are very much honored to have this opportunity. I am sure our publication on the Edorium Journal of Public Health will reinvigorate University of Gondar academicians to consider the journal to publish their work.

– Solomon Assefa (Author)

Working with the editors of Journal of Case Reports and Images in Medicine was a great experience. They replied very quickly to our questions and were very helpful in the editing process.

– Calvin Fesler (Author)

It was an enriching experience to publish in this journal whose responsiveness is good (feed back, peer review, reaction to emails), I strongly recommend it to other (Author)s.

– Amina Nomtondo OUEDRAOGO (Author)

I am very much impressed by your services. The fast review and publication process of your journal is really encouraging to us. Wish you all success and looking forward to continued support from you.

– Ajitha K (Author)

We feel very happy and proud for publication of our paper entitled “Advantage of endoscopic-ultrasound-fine-needle aspiration associated to Sendai clinical guidelines in detecting the malignant risk in patients with undetermined pancreatic cysts: Long-term follow-up” in IJHPD (international journal of hepatobiliary and pancreatic disease). It was very interestng for us to consider the reviewers suggestions that allowed us the opportunity to improve our data presentations. We are very grateful to the editors and to the reviewers of the IJHPD.

– Paolo Aseni (Author)

It has been very prestigious to work with the Edorium Journal of Disability and Rehabilitation. I am very grateful for publishing the article at the Edorium Journal of Disability and Rehabilitation within the shortest period. I would like to work more with this journal.

– Shamima Islam Nipa (Author)

My publishing experience with Edorium Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics has been a wonderful one. The prompt updates and the friendly email tones were most refreshing. I look forward to my next publishing experience and I would recommend this journal to others colleagues. Many thanks!.

– Linda Ahenkorah Fondjo (Author)

It has been a great experience for us to work with International Journal of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Diseases (IJHPD). Thanks for an efficient and meticulous review of the case report. Publishing in your esteemed journal was an honor.

– Aanchal Arora (Author)

Fantastic journal, editor staff very easy to work with. Fast publication !

– Thomas J Shaknovsky (Author)

It has been a great experience to work with International Journal of Case Reports and Images (IJCRI), thanks a lot for the great job.

– Qiang Nai (Author)

Edorium Journal of Microbiology promptly inform (Author)s regarding status of submitted manuscripts. Our manuscript was critically reviewed and published on time. Thank you for publishing our work. Keep it up!

– H.G. Bishop (Author)

I had a great experience publishing in the International Journal of Case Reports and Images (IJCRI). Communication from the Editor and reviewers was fast, clear, and professional!

– Sergio A Sànchez-Luna. (Author)

It is an honor that my manuscript was published in the Journal of Case Reports and Images in Oncology. The reviewers’ comments were very valuable, the emails from the editor were friendly, and the process of publication was very quick.

– Abdul Qadir Nashwan (Author)

The interaction with the magazine was smooth, the website is friendly, the indications received allowed work smoothly. In addition, the times during the review process and publication are suitable.

– Arlette Doussoulin S. (Author)

I commend Edorium Journal of Toxicology for thorough review process and exhibition of a high degree of professionalism.

– Prof. Frank Morah (Author)

I had a very good experience with the Journal of Case Reports and Images in Oncology. The reviewing was pertinent and professional. The whole process was exceptionally efficient.

– Jia L Chou (Author)

I commend your journal for the show of professionalism especially in the editorial and peer reviews. I look forward to send another manuscript.

– Tapsuk Maan (Author)

Journal of Case Reports and Images in Medicine provide (Author)s with an opportunity to report on unique patient cases and images that have changed their way of thinking or even impacted their clinical management of patients. Through this opportunity, providers can expand their knowledge in order to ultimately provide better care to their patients.

– Samuel Reynolds (Author)

It was a pleasure to publish in Edorium Journal of Disability and Rehabilitation. My paper was processed fast and the peer review had really enhanced quality of my article. The journal can be highly recommended.

– Christiane Sterz (Author)

Work with Journal of Case Reports and images in Oncology is very satisfying. The team is very serious and professional. The dates are scrupulously respected and responses are received very quickly.

– Belhaj Yahia Nada (Author)

I am very pleased with the submission process and timings of your journal. I had a great experience publishing with you. We will be considering future publications with this journal.

– João Tavares (Author)

My experience with publishing with this journal was streamlined and effective. The reviewers comment were helpful and added as a whole to the article. Having an excellent experience both with the rapid processing and the enthusiastic support received, we will be considering publication with this journal again.

– Anthea B. Mahesan Paul (Author)

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to have our work submitted and published in the International Journal of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic diseases. The professionalism and efficiency with which they handled our work will encourage our institution to collaborate with IJHPD in disseminating the valuable work we are doing in the field of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery.

– Anthony R. Perez (Author)

I support the peer-reviewed journals that IJCRI publishes. Medical literature in addition to supporting Imaging is the way of the future for scholarly publishing. I enjoy serving as a (Author) on the manuscript published in this journal.

– Angel Martin (Author)

It was indeed professionally gratifying and enriching experience to get associated as a (Author) with the esteemed Journal of Case Reports and Images in Oncology. I complement the editorial and technical team for the promptness, transparency and user-friendly platform. The journal has earned a repute among its readers in Oncology circles by publishing high-quality authentic manuscripts which prove to be a a good learning tool. I wish the journal all the best in the days to come to scale new heights.

– Virender Suhag (Author)

It has been great pleasure to publish my article in your journal. The best part about it is that the speedy process from acceptance to peer review to being published. It’s excellent job.

– Shaik Begum Khalida (Author)

My appreciation for the smooth handling of all procedures and steps related to our recent case publication. It was indeed a pleasure working with your group. I am much impressed with the prompt responses received. Commend you for the great work.

– Abida K. Sattar (Author)

The entire process was seamless and excellent; great communication with myself and my co-authors made publishing in this journal a pleasurable experience. We are most pleased with the final published product.

– Robert Vezzetti (Author)

I must say that we are very pleasured and impressed by your work. We find the editorial and publishing process highly professional and constructive. It was a pleasure to publish the paper in your Journal and we will be happy for the future cooperation. Thank you one more time for publishing our manuscript.

– Zijah Rifatbegovic (Author)

I enjoyed the service provided by the Journal. The staff was very helpful in a timely fashion. I am happy to be involved with such a great team.

– Mena Ayoub (Author)

I am very thankful for the fast review and publication process of the Journal of Case Reports and Images in Dentistry. It was e pleasure experience for me.

– Derya IÇÖZ (Author)

I am very pleased to say that publishing in the International Journal of Case Reports and Images was a very grateful experience. The publication process was very efficient and the feedback really prompt. The interaction with the editor and reviewers was done in a very approachable way and with good suggestions and advices. I truly recommend your journal for future publications to my colleagues and co-workers.

– Inês Burmester (Author)

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