Many times the manuscripts are rejected from journals not due to lack of data or quality of research, but because of inappropriate and difficult to understand style, language and formatting of the manuscript. Edorium Journals provide high quality language editing service to easily overcome these obstacles in publication of your manuscripts.

Edorium Journals offers language editing services to all authors in all subjects. The service includes manuscript editing and proofreading to prepare a high quality manuscript ready for publication.

The language editing service can be used by:

    Authors who want to submit their manuscript for publication to journals published by Edorium Journals. Authors can avail this service before submitting the manuscript to the journal or after peer review is complete. Authors who plan to submit the manuscript to our journals after language editing, will get a 15% discount in language editing charges.

    Authors who want to submit their manuscript for publication to other journals published by other publishers. After language editing is complete, authors can submit the manuscript to any journal of their choice from any publisher.

Levels of Service

We offers two levels of language editing service to authors.

    Basic Manuscript Editing

    Advanced Manuscript Editing.

Basic Manuscript Editing - We will ensure that your manuscript will be free of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and punctuation errors. We will edit the manuscript to make it consistent in terms of style, terminology, page layout, font size and font style.

Advanced Manuscript Editing - This service will do much more than proofreading your manuscript. It will ensure that you receive a document written in flawless language, accurate grammar, word choice, sentence structure and terminology.

FeatureBasic Manuscrip EditingAdvanced Manuscrip Editing
American vs. British usage
Consistency in layout
Consistency in font size and style
Typographical errors
Consistency in terminology & style
Incorrect terminology
Word usages
Sentence construction
Rewrite ambiguous text

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