About Edorium Journals

Edorium Journals – High Quality, Open Access Journals

Edorium Journals is a publisher of high quality, international, peer reviewed, open access journals covering subjects in medical specialties, surgical specialties and basic sciences.

Edorium Journals was founded in 2012 with the objective of publishing high quality scientific content and making the content available to without restrictions to readers in every part of the world, while adhering to highest ethical principles of scholarly publishing.

Guiding Principles

In pursuance of principles of ethical scholarly publishing, we adhere to the “Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers” given by Committee on Publication Ethics, and “Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing” given jointly by The  Committee on Publication Ethics , the Directory of Open Access Journals, the  Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association and the World Association of Medical Editors .

Open Access Articles

All articles published by Edorium Journals are open access and distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. The articles published in these open access journals are available for everyone to read, download, print, use and re-use, free of any restrictions or charges. The published articles are available in multiple formats for online or offline use.

Editorial and Peer Review

Every manuscript submitted for publication undergoes stringent editorial review followed by anonymous, double-blind peer review, followed by a second editorial review. In double-blind peer review neither the authors nor the reviewers know the identity of each other. This enables an unbiased review of the manuscript.

Mission of Edorium Journals

The mission of Edorium Journals extends much beyond publishing open access journals. Publishing open access journals is the just the beginning of the long journey we have embarked upon.

We believe that if we can revolutionize scholarly communication, it can change the course of the world.

The goals we aspire for are:

    To follow our belief in thoughts, words and actions, that if we can revolutionize the process of scholarly communication it can change the course of the world.

    To make the slow, difficult and expensive processes of scholarly communication, faster, easier, affordable and ethical.

    To create an easily accessible, global corpus of scientific knowledge which can be shared, used, re-used, combined, built upon, and expanded for the betterment of our world.

    To be is an interactive forum and a means of collaboration among researchers and institutions in all countries.

As a publisher of scholarly journals, Edorium Journals aspires to be:

    A publisher of scholarly journals which are the most authoritative journals in their respective specialties.

    A publisher that adheres to and follows highest ethical principles of scholarly publishing.

    A publisher that makes published research freely available to academic community without any restrictions.

    A publisher that actively disseminate the published research in multiple ways to readers in any part of the world.

    A publisher that gives an efficient, personalized and courteous services and amazing publishing experience.

    A publisher that encourages, motivates and guides authors to publish the best research following highest ethical values.