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Edorium Journals is dedicated to publishing high quality work and giving exceptional services while adhering to highest ethical principles of scholarly publishing. The published research freely available to readers in any part of the world.

Edorium Journals takes a very serious view of ethical violations in academic publishing. We have formulated policies to deal with manuscripts which are found to violate the ethical publishing guidelines of the journal, before and after publication. If an instances of ethical violations is detected Edorium Journals will conduct an investigation and decide the best course of action following the ethical guidelines for academic publishing.


We discourage every form of plagiarism in academic papers. Manuscripts submitted to Edorium Journal are checked for plagiarism before being sent for editorial review. In the complete publishing cycle from manuscript submission to final publication in the journals, a manuscript is checked twice for plagiarism. If plagiarism is detected in a manuscript, either by the editors, peer reviewers or editorial staff at any stage before publication of a manuscript, we will alert the author(s), asking them to revise the text and cite the original source. If the plagiarism is extensive the article may be rejected even before the editorial review. Read more about the plagiarism policy of Edorium Journals here

Ethical violations

If an article is found to violate the ethical publishing guidelines such as duplicate publication, fraudulent use of data, multiple submission or bogus claims of authorship, the article will be withdrawn by Edorium Journals.

In exceptional circumstances an article may be removed from the journal. This may happen if any legal issues arise or are expected to arise in context of the article, the distribution of the article is stopped by an court order, the contents of the article may pose a serious health risk if acted upon by others, the article violates copyright of others, or if the article is found to be defamatory or infringing on other's legal rights. Read more about article corrections and retractions here

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