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Publication Charges Waiver Policy

All articles published in Edorium Journals are open access. Open Access publishing implies that all readers, anywhere in the world, are allowed unrestricted access to full text of articles, immediately on publication in Edorium Journals. No payment is collected from the readers for accessing and using the articles.

Submit waiver applications to:

For Author

Edorium Journals aims to encourage and enable authors from all countries to share their scientific knowledge with others and learn from the scientific knowledge of others. To remove financial constraints as a barrier to sharing and learning especially for authors from low and lower-middle income economies, Edorium Journals has formulated a waiver policy. Authors from the two groups of countries listed below receive waivers in Article Publication Charges for all journals published by Edorium Journals group. The two groups of countries were identified based on the classification of countries by World Bank (Gross national income and Gross national income per capita figures), United Nations (United Nations least developed country list and Human Development Index) and Health Inter Network Access to Research Initiative (HINARI).*

Group 1 - The authors will not be charged for publishing.

Group 2 - The authors will be charged a flat publishing fee of $295.

If the publication charges for any journal are less than $295, the authors will be charged the lower journal charges and not $295.

List of countries in Group 1
List of countries in Group 2

If you want to apply for a waiver, please submit the request before submitting your manuscript to the journal. Submit waiver applications to:

In addition to these waivers, individual waiver requests from authors will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The amount of discount will depend on factors such as country of origin, position of the author in the institute and quality and originality of the work.

How to Apply for a Waiver

If you want to apply for a waiver, please submit the below information to: before submitting your manuscript for publication to the journal. You will get a reply within two working days.

Information to include in fee waiver application:

Name of author(s)
Name & address of institution
Country of residence
Title of journal
Title of the paper
Abstract/Summary of the paper
Reason for applying for a waiver

Please apply for the waiver before submitting your manuscript to the journal. Submit waiver applications to:

For Reviewers

  • For every manuscript reviewed by the reviewer within the stipulated time, a 20% waiver will be given for one manuscript submitted by the reviewer as first author or corresponding author, for publication to any journal published by Edorium Journals. The waiver will applicable on the final invoice amount. To join the Reviewer Panel with Edorium Journals please see here.

For Editors

  • Editors and Members of the Editorial Board of all journals published by Edorium Journals group can publish any number of articles free of charge.

Please read the terms of waivers here.
Please read the detailed FAQ's about publication charges here.

* The waiver amount and the countries included in Group 1 and Group 2 are subject to review at intervals.

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