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Our Promise - Edorium Journals

Edorium Journals is a new and growing academic publisher. We admit we are new. We also admit that we have high hopes and behind these high hopes is a vision, a belief and a confidence to make a difference. Edorium Journals will be dedicated to publishing open access academic journals which will be known for good content and highest ethical practices, and make published research freely available to readers in any part of the world. All articles published by Edorium Journals will always be open access. Every effort will be made to widely disseminate every published work to give it high visibility.

We make some promises which we believe, you, as the reader and author deserve, but first some things which we cannot promise.

We cannot promise:
To be part of the race to indiscriminately launch new journals.
To start hundreds of journals quickly to make maximum revenue.
To give you decision on your manuscript within a few days of submission.
To publish your manuscript within one or two weeks of submission.
To compromise in any way with your reading and publishing experience.

There are already many publishers doing just this.

We promise:

To publish scholarly journals in medical and biomedical specialties and sub-specialties.
To nurture these journals to make them the most authoritative journals in their respective specialties.
To follow highest ethical principles in all processes and at all steps in publishing.
To make published research freely available to scientific community without restrictions.
To keep the publication charges as low as possible by adopting low cost innovative methods.
To disseminate the research in multiple ways, immediately on publication.
To work with honesty, integrity and have an unwavering commitment to Open Access.

We also promise:
Not to harass you with repeated emails; sending you call for papers and invitations every few days.

It is said that "justice delayed is justice denied". Similarly, we believe "research delayed is research denied". Denied to the scientific community, to your colleagues, to other authors, to everyone. Medical science is a rapidly evolving area in which new research is published every day. Research of one researcher acts as a catalyst for another to build upon that knowledge and further advance the boundries of scientific knowledge, make new discoveries and new inventions. If a research is reported late it decreases the impact of the research and hampers the advancement of science. It is also very frustrating for authors to wait for months to receive a decision on their manuscripts. Edorium Journals will strive for early decisions and rapid dissemination of your research.

We guarantee that:
We will give first decision on your manuscripts within six weeks of submission.
We will publish your manuscripts within four weeks of receiving page proof corrections.

We also guarantee that:
If we are unable to give you first decision within six weeks of submission, we will give you a 75% Discount Voucher, which you can use to get 75% off Article Publication Charges on your next manuscript accepted for publication.
If we are unable to publish your manuscript within four weeks of receiving page proof corrections we will give you a 75% Discount Voucher, which you can use to get 75% off Article Publication Charges on your next manuscript accepted for publication.

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