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Publication Policies

Open access journal publication policies have been formulated by Edorium Journals. These policies guide us in fulfilling our goals of publishing high quality work and giving exceptional services while adhering to highest ethical principles of scholarly publishing.

Editorial Review Policy

Editorial review policies are a set of guidelines for members of the Editorial Board of Edorium Journals. These guidelines have been formulated after careful discussions and deliberation, considering the publication processes and work flow followed by Edorium Journals. These help the Editors in performing their duties in the best possible way. All the guidelines are summarized in the Editor Manual written by Edorium Journals. Editor manual was written to help make the Editor and members of the Editorial Board more comfortable with their roles and familiarize them with the editorial and peer review processes. The editor manual is given to every members of the Editorial Board of all journals published by Edorium Journals. Read more about the editorial review policies here.

Peer Review Policy

All papers submitted to Edorium Journals undergo stringent, double-blind, external peer review. Just like editorial review policies, peer review policies are a set of guidelines for peer reviewers (external expert reviewers/referees) of open access journals published by Edorium Journals. Following these guidelines will make peer reviewing a paper easier and faster. Based on the Reviewer's comments the assigned Editor will take the final decision about the acceptance or rejection of the manuscript. Read more about the peer review policy here.

Copyright Policy

All articles published in Edorium Journals are open-access articles, published and distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License, which permits reproduction, distribution, derives and commercial use, provided the original work is properly cited and authors and publisher are properly identified. Read the brief summary of copyright policy here.

Publication Charges Waiver Policy

Edorium Journals aims to encourage authors from all countries to share their scientific knowledge with others. To remove financial constraints as a barrier to sharing and learning especially for authors from low and lower-middle income economies, Edorium Journals has formulated a waiver policy. Authors from low and lower-middle income economies receive part and full waiver in the article publication charges. In addition to the waivers for authors from low and lower-middle income economies, individual waiver requests from authors will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Read more about the waiver policy here.

Embargo Policy

The manuscripts submitted for publication to any journal published by Edorium Journals is considered as privileged documents and will not be released to the press or public before it is published. All manuscripts are under the media embargo period from the time a manuscript is submitted for publication to the day it is published online in its Early View version (or the journal rejects the manuscript from publication). Read more about the embargo policy here.

Complaints Policy

Edorium Journals has instituted a complaints resolution policy. The aim of the policy is to respond to and resolve all complaints quickly and constructively. The procedures to investigate and resolve complaints followed by Edorium Journals aims to be fair and balanced for those making complaints and for those being complained about. Read more about the complaints policy here.

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