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Mission - Edorium Journals

Edorium Journals wants to be:

  • A publisher of scholarly journals which are the most authoritative journals in their respective specialties.
  • A publisher that adheres to and follows highest ethical principles of scholarly publishing.
  • A publisher that gives you an efficient, personalized and courteous publishing experience.
  • A publisher that encourages you, motivates you and guides you to publish the best research following highest ethical values.

Publishing articles in the open access journals published by Edorium Journals is not the end we are seeking; it is just a means to an end.
The end we aspire for is:

  • To transform the process of scholarly communication, that has been stagnant for decades.
  • To make the slow, difficult and expensive processes of scholarly communication faster, easier, affordable and ethical.
  • To create an easily accessible, global corpus of scientific knowledge which can be shared, used, re-used, combined, built upon, and expanded for the betterment of our world.
  • To be is an interactive forum and a means for collaboration among researchers and institutions in all countries.

We welcome opportunities for joint ventures with other publishers, societies and organizations to do an outstanding work for a great cause.

Some important features of Edorium Journals are:

  • Interacting with Edorium Journals will give you a efficient, personalized and courteous service.
  • We will respond to all your questions and messages within 24-48 hrs.
  • Every article submitted to Edorium Journals for publication will have a guarantee of prompt, time bound service.
  • Acceptance in Edorium Journals is based on quality and technical validity of the work.
  • Double-blind external peer review will allow a fair and unbiased assessment of your manuscript.
  • The articles published by Edorium Journals are fully citable. Each article receives a doi (Digital Object Identifier) number.
  • The articles are available in multiple formats (HTML, PDF, Printer friendly version).
  • After publication, readers will have immediate access to the published articles.
  • All articles will be freely available to all readers in any part of the world.
  • All articles will be disseminated to a wide readership by many different ways.
  • Authors will retain the copyright of their work, which means they can freely reproduce and distribute their work.
  • There are no charges for submitting or processing of your manuscript.
  • Article Publication Charges are payable only if your manuscript is accepted for publication after editorial and peer review.
  • The current Article Publication Charges are 2 to 4 times lower than those charged by other publishers.

The core principles adopted by Edorium Journals
To publish scholarly journals in medical and biomedical specialties and sub-specialties.
To nurture these journals to make them the most authoritative journals in their respective specialties.
To follow highest ethical principles in all processes and at all steps in publishing.
To make published research freely available to scientific community without restrictions.
To keep the publication charges as low as possible by adopting low cost innovative methods.
To disseminate the research in multiple ways, immediately on publication.
To work with honesty, integrity and have an unwavering commitment to Open Access.

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