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Editorial Work Flow

The editorial work flow followed by all journals published by Edorium Journals is given below. To see the complete manuscript processing flow please click here.

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Editorial Review Policy

All manuscripts submitted to any journal published by Edorium Journals are received by the Managing Editor who examine all submitted files including cover letter, text files, images and figures. If the files meet the technical and formatting requirements, authors are sent an acknowledgement of the manuscript along with a Manuscript ID number. If the manuscript files do not meet the technical requirements of the journal, authors are sent detailed instructions about the changes required in the manuscript and asked to resubmit the files to the Editorial Office after making required changes.

After the files pass the technical and formatting requirements, the manuscript is assigned to a Section Editor or a member of the Editorial Board (handling editor). The handling editor reviews the manuscript and return the manuscript along with their comments. The editorial process gives the handling editor the authority to reject any manuscript, if it does not meet the scientific publishing standards or is out of scope of the journal. Based on the comments of the Editor(s) the manuscript is sent for external, double-blind peer review.

The editorial process gives the editors the authority to reject any manuscript, if it does not meet the scientific publishing standards of the journal or is out of scope of the journal. Please note that Edorium Journals follow a double-blind peer review process. In this process the peer reviewer's identities are kept confidential and not revealed to the authors. In the same manner the author's identities are not revealed to the peer reviewers. This ensures a fair and unbiased review of every manuscript.

After the peer reviewers return the manuscript with their comments, the manuscript with reviewer's comments is sent to the handling editor. The editor reviews the manuscript and the comments and recommends suitability of the manuscript for publication in the journal. Based on the editor's comments the first decision on acceptance, revision or rejection of the manuscript is taken.

The authors are promptly informed of the acceptance/rejection of the manuscript. The average "submission to first decision" time for Edorium Journals is about six weeks. The editorial and reviewer's comments are also sent to the authors along with the decision. If the manuscript is accepted for publication, the authors are sent instructions about how to respond to the editorial and reviewer comments and make changes in the manuscript. At this stage, based on the comments, the manuscript may need changes to text, figures, tables etc.

If the authors feel that they are not satisfied with the editorial decision about publication of the manuscript, authors may appeal the decision.

After author's response to editorial and reviewer comments are received, the manuscript is reviewed by the assigned Editor and if required the manuscript is sent back to the reviewers for their comments. After Editors have reviewed the manuscript and the responses, final decision about publication of the manuscript is be taken. The authors are promptly informed of the final decision.

After acceptance of the manuscript, it may be edited for grammar, punctuation, style and accuracy. An edited, pre-print proof of the manuscript with all figures, table and charts included, is sent to the corresponding author for approval. The proof is sent as a PDF file. The authors are also sent a proof corrections form, which the authors can use to submit any changes required in the manuscript. Please note that at this stage it will not be possible to make any significant changes to the text or add or delete figures. The proofs need to be returned to the Editorial Office within three days (72 hours).

After the corrected proofs are received by the Editorial Office, the final version of the manuscript is prepared for publication. During preparation for publication, HTML, PDF, XML and other formats of the manuscript are prepared. After receiving page proofs, the average time to publication is approximately four to six weeks. All manuscripts are published in HTML and PDF formats.

Editor Manual

All members of the Editorial Board are sent an Editor Manual to be used as a reference for manuscript review process.

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Editor manual was written to help make the Editor and members of the Editorial Board more comfortable with their roles and familiarize them with the editorial and peer review processes. Please note that the Editor Manual is a confidential document.

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