The authors from countries in this list will be charged a discounted flat fee of $295 for the article   (Regular charges $315-545).*

Albania Jordan
Algeria Kosovo
Armenia Macedonia
Azerbaijan Marshall Islands
Belize Mauritius
Bosnia and Herzegovina Montenegro
Botswana Nauru
Colombia Niue
Cook Islands Pakistan
Cuba Palau
Dominica Paraguay
Dominican Republic Peru
Ecuador Philippines
Egypt Saint Kitts and Nevis
El Salvador Saint Lucia
Fiji Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Gabon Seychelles
Georgia Sri Lanka
Grenada Suriname
India Thailand
Indonesia Tonga
Iran Tunisia
Iraq Turkmenistan

How to Apply for a Waiver

If you want to apply for a waiver, please submit the below information to:  before submitting your manuscript for publication to the journal. You will get a reply within two working days.

Information to include in fee waiver application:

Name of author(s)
Name & address of institution
Country of residence
Title of journal
Title of the paper
Abstract/Summary of the paper
Reason for applying for a waiver

Please apply for the waiver before submitting your manuscript to the journal. Submit waiver applications to: 

The current article publication charges for journals published by Edorium Journals group are given here.

Please read the detailed FAQ’s about publication charges here.

Compare publication charges of Edorium Journals to other publishers here.


The waiver amount and the countries included in Group 1 and Group 2 are subject to review at intervals.