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We request all editors, reviewers and authors to respond promptly to emails from the Editorial Office. Prompts response helps everyone in completing the processing of a manuscript within the allotted time and giving early decision to the authors. As you all are authors yourself, you know how frustrating it is for the authors to wait months to receive a decision on their manuscripts. Edorium Journals give a guarantee of prompt, time bound service with every work submitted for publication (please read about the guarantee here). We request you to please check your mailbox every 3-4 days and respond to emails from Editorial Office promptly. As can be seen from the figure below responding promptly to emails can make all the difference between a happy experience for the authors, reviewers and editors; and a frustrating one.

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Days to Complete Process* Prompt Response*
(No reminders)
Delayed Response*
(Multiple reminders)
Submission to First Decision 42 days (6 weeks) 70 days (10 weeks)
Submission to Final Decision 60 days (8+ weeks) 97 days (13+ weeks)
Submission to Publication 90 days (13+ weeks) 151 days (21+ weeks)

*Disclaimer: The values/days given above have been used only for the purpose of illustrating that prompt response helps everyone in completing the processing of a manuscript in time and giving early decision to the authors. These values should not be considered as exact time taken to complete the publication processes. Variations in timeline may occur due to additional steps required, like more than one round of editorial and peer reviews and multiple revisions by the authors. Any manuscript is considered submitted for publication and included in the manuscript review and publication process only after a manuscript ID is assigned to the manuscript and emailed to the authors. We estimate that the authors will take 8-10 days to send the revised manuscript, 2-3 days to make the payment and 1-2 days to send the corrected page proofs to the Editorial Office.

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