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The logo: EDORIUM

Our logo EDORIUM is derived from two words:

Education: A process of receiving or giving systematic instructions, a body of knowledge acquired while being educated, information about or training in a particular subject, an enlightening experience. [source: Oxford English dictionary]
-orium (suffix): denoting a place for a particular function. [source: Oxford English dictionary]

EDORIUM is the "Place of Education".

Our mission at Edorium is to: 1. Aquire knowledge, 2. Refine/Create knowledge, and 3. Disseminate knowledge.

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The 'i'

The 'i' in our logo is prominent and stands out but it is in lower case.

The 'i' signifies that every individual from a janitor to a CEO is a very important person in our organization. An organization is nothing if there are no individuals working for its growth, working to make it successful. The 'i' is not in capitals like rest of the letters, but is in lower case. It signifies that no individual is greater than the organization. Transition is the key to success and growth.

The TAN color

TAN is color of the earth. This color in our logo signifies that we have high goals but our feet are firmly on the ground. We think of the possibilities and opportunities while being grounded in reality.

The EDORIUM Logo defines us as a 'PLACE OF EDUCATION'. It reflects our commitment to a creating a world, where education is freely available, without restrictions. We help people learn, research, collaborate and work towards advancement of science. We provide services to give you more value for what you spend, make life more comfortable and full of more happiness. Our logo shows that every individual associated with us is a valuable part of a team. Everyone collaborates and works for good of the other person, which translates into good for team, for science and for humanity. It is this what makes us special; and while we are working for our vision we are aware of all that is happening around us and we are firmly grounded in reality.


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