What Authors Say About Edorium Journals

"I was impressed by the speed of processing of our manuscript. Reviews were of high quality and I was very pleased with the final appearence of the paper. I highly recommend this journal and the publisher."
- Zsófia Clemens (Author)

"I was suprised my paper was published not only fast but way more better than I orginally designed, and peer reviews had actually enriched my article."
- Abubakr Elrofaie (Author)

"The experience of publishing with Edorium Journals is amazing. The peer review process was rapid and the comments by reviewers definitely helped in improving the quality of paper. Would love to publish with you again."
- Reetu Kundu (Author)

"It was a real pleasure to publish a paper in International Journal of Case Reports and Images. I must say that our publishing experience with IJCRI was first rate. Every step from the initial submission, through the refereeing process and up to its acceptance and publication was really top-notch - efficient, friendly, and professional, and with its open access format as an added bonus. We are happy to have contributed to IJCRI mission and will consider publishing again in the journal."
- José Gerardo Martínez-Tovar (Author)

"My article underwent excellent and constructive peer review in an efficient time frame and enabled me to publish without unnecessary delays."
- Julien Ben Freitag (Author)

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