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Here is the list of mentors for Mentored Reviews program by Edorium Journals. This programs aims to bring together researchers and institutions from all countries and enable international academic collaborations.

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Enroll as mentor:

Only current Editors and members of the Editorial Board can enroll as mentors. To enroll please send an email to:

Mentors participating in the program:

(In alphabetical order)
Name of MentorSpecialty/TopicCountryStatus
Dr. Abdul Habeeb Bin MohsinMaxillofacial Implantology, Maxillofacial Prosthodontics, TMJ Prosthetics, Occlusion, Dental Materials.IndiaFree to mentor
Dr. Afra HadjizadehNature inspired nano-biomaterials, Nano-biotechnology, Vascular disease, Tissue engineering, In vitro vascularization Bio materials surface scienceIranFree to mentor
Dr. Aziz MustafaOtolaryngology, Otology, Middle Ear Surgery, Cholesteatoma Surgery, Otitis Media ComplicationsKosovoFree to mentor
Dr. Brent FeltonEmergency Medicine - Sepsis, Headache treatment/management, Radiography in emergency medicineUSAFree to mentor
Dr. David Beebe Anesthesiology, Pediatric anesthesiology, Obstetric anesthesiology USA Free to mentor
Dr. Fabrizio D'AscenzoInterventional cardiology, Acute coronary syndromes, HIV and heart, Heart failureItalyFree to mentor
Dr. Gazmend Zhuri Lung cancer, Pulmonary tuberculosis, COPD, Pulmonary sarcoidosis, Diagnostic bronchologyKosovoFree to mentor
Dr. Jee-Fu Huang Liver cancers, Cancer prevention, Hepatoendocrinology, Viral hepatitis, Epidemiology Taiwan Free to mentor
Dr. Jixin Zhong Inflammation, Diabetes, Apoptosis, Metabolic disorder, Immune regulationUSAMentoring
Dr. Kosj Yamoah Oncology, Prostate cancer, Radiation therapy, Cancer in the developing world, Cancer biology USA Free to mentor
Dr. Kusai BaroudiPediatric dentistry, Dental materials, Esthetic dentistry: Child management, Nitros oxide, Resin composites, Glass ionomersSaudi ArabiaFree to mentor
Dr. Mihail A. Boyanov General Endocrinology; Osteoporosis and bone metabolic diseases, Bone densitometry (primarily DXA); Thyroidology (thyroid ultrasound, Fine-needle biopsies, Autoimmune thyroid disease; Diabetology (Clinical); Obesity (body composition analysis, clinical).BulgariaFree to mentor
Dr. Mohamed RadhiGeneral pediatrics, Hematology, Oncology, Stem cell transplant, Medical educationUSAFree to mentor
Dr. Naila KhalilEpidemiology, Environmental Health, Public Health, MedicineUSAMentoring
Dr. Neslihan ArhunAdhesive systems, Direct restorations, Dental materials, Demineralization, Repair of direct restorationsTurkeyFree to mentor
Dr. Öner DikensoyPleural DiseasesTurkeyFree to mentor
Dr. Paulo Ricardo Gazzola ZenCytogenetics, Molecular Cytogenetics, FISH, Dysmorphology, Congenital MalformationsBrazilFree to mentor
Dr. Sebastian GehmertStem Cells, Tissue regeneration, Growth factors, Angiogenesis, AntiapoptosisGermanyMentoring
Dr. Serena ValsamiTransfusion medicine, Immunohaematology, Thrombosis, Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinouria, HaematologyGreeceFree to mentor
Dr. Serkan YILMAZGenetic toxicology, Comet assay, In vivo in vitro chromosome aberrations, MN, FISH, SCE etc.; Food additives, PesticidesTurkeyFree to mentor
Dr. Shivlal Vishnoi Periodontics & Implant Dentistry IndiaFree to mentor
Dr. Tumul Chowdhury Traumatic Brain Injury - Critical care/Anesthesia/Updates; Trigeminal cardiac reflex; Intracranial aneurysm - Anesthesia/Critical care management/Controversies; Pituitary surgery - Anesthesia; Cardiovascular changes in neurosurgeryCanadaFree to mentor
Dr. Veeranoot NISSAPATORN Immunosuppressed - HIV/AIDS, Clinico-epidemiology of parasitic diseases (food/water-borne, soil transmitted helminths), Opportunistic infectionsMalaysiaFree to mentor
Dr. Youssef Al-Tonbary Hematological malignancies (Leukemia and Lymphoma), Childhood solid tumors, Hemoglobinopathies (Thalassemia, Sickle cell anemia), Immune thrombocytopenia, HemophiliasEgyptFree to mentor
Dr. Yupeng Chen Biomaterials, Nanotechnology, Orthopaedics, Tissue engineering, Drug deliveryUSAFree to mentor
Prof. Wael M. Al-Omari Biomaterials, Lasers in dentistry, Dental implants, Prosthodontics rehabilitation, CeramicsJordanFree to mentor
Dr. William CS CHO microRNA, proteomics, non-small cell lung cancer, Chinese medicine, OmicsHong KongFree to mentor
Dr. Zhiyong Hou Orthopaedic trauma, FractureChinaFree to mentor

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