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Why Publish With Edorium Journals?

Why should you publish your valuable manuscript in Edorium Journals?

  • Broad scope and specialized journals: Journals that will be published by Edorium Journals will fall under two categories: journals with a broad scope, like: Edorium  Journal of Medicine and Edorium  Journal of Surgery, and journals which are very specialized in their subject, like: Edorium  Journal of Robotic Surgery and Edorium  Journal of Image Analysis.*

  • All journals are open access: All journals published by Edorium Journals are open access. This means your published article is freely available to anyone in the world to read, download and print, directly from the journal website.

  • Fast online submission: You can submit your manuscript through our website using a simple form or by email. No registration is required to submit your manuscript.

  • Prompt Service: When you submit your work to Edorium Journals you will get an efficient, personalized and courteous service. We will respond to all your mails within 24-48 hrs.

  • Edorium Guarantee: Edorium Journals' gives a guarantee of prompt, time bound service. It will be our constant endeavor to use unique and innovative methods and technology to shorten the submission to publication time as much as possible. Read more about the service guarantee here.

  • Stringent editorial review: At the heart of Edorium Journals is an Editorial Board of experienced physicians and scientists. They help in maintaining the scientific standards of the journal, in formulating the editorial policy and in handling the manuscripts.

  • Rigorous peer review: Every manuscript submitted and published in Edorium Journals undergoes a thorough and rigorous double-blind peer-review. This process eliminates subjective judgments and bias from the decision making process.

  • Acceptance based only on quality: When you submit your manuscript to Edorium Journals the acceptance depends on the quality and scientific validity of your work and not on the amount of print space available, as it happens with traditional journals. Your paper will not be rejected due to lack of space. Our journals are published online and there are no limits on the content we can publish. All papers that are found to be scientifically sound, after expert review, are accepted for publication.

  • Early Decision, Rapid Dissemination - Under this initiative Edorium Journals gives a guarantee of prompt, time bound service.

  • Immediate publication: The final version of your manuscript, in multiple formats, will be published in less than four weeks of receiving page proof corrections.

  • No submission or handling fees: There are no charges for submitting your manuscripts. Article Publication Charges are payable only if your manuscript is accepted for publication.

  • Very low article publication charges: To cover for open access publishing, we levy an Article Publication Charges. The Article Publication Charges for Edorium Journals are very low. Our fees are on an average 2 to 4 times lower than those charged by other publishers.

  • Multiple article formats: Immediate free access to the articles in various formats: Full text HTML (to read the articles on the computer screen without downloading PDF file), full text PDF (you can download and print the PDF files and read them offline) and printer friendly version (print the HTML version in readable format without downloading the PDF file).

  • Rapid and Wide Dissemination: Immediately after final publication your article will be disseminated to a wide readership by many different ways. This will give your work high visibility, increased citations and increased impact.

  • Article for your use: Immediately after publication of your article, you will receive a PDF file of your published article by email, with a link to your article on the journal website.

  • Cite article: Articles published in Edorium Journals are cited similar to articles published in a traditional print journals.

  • Increased impact of your work: All articles in Edorium Journals are published under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Anyone is free to cite, reuse, redistribute and build upon your work as long as you are given proper credit.

  • You retain the copyright: Authors who publish their articles in Edorium Journals retain the copyright of their work. If you want to reuse your work published in Edorium Journals, you will not have to worry about obtaining permission from the publisher.

  • Receive ToC: You will receive Table of Contents for article published in Edorium Journals which will keep you updated with latest scientific information in your specialty.

* The categorization and journal names given here are for illustrative purpose only. Actual journal names may vary from the once mentioned here.

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