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Edorium Journals - History

When we thought of starting a journal publishing company we had lot of discussions about why we wanted to start a new company to publish open access journals. There were already many open access publishers and many open access journals.

The open access movement started about 12 years ago with a great promise of free access to knowledge, unlike traditional journals where the access to published knowledge is restricted by subscription. In open access publishing, the access to published work was not limited by budget of the institutions or the ability of the researcher to pay for accessing each published article. Articles published under open access were freely available for anyone to read and use. The increasing use of technology and internet was a boon for open access movement. It was a great promise and was supported by many eminent researchers from all over the world. Today there are open access publishers who are doing a great job and publish journals that are highly respected in their respective fields. However, during the past few years, with the ability of anyone with some basic knowledge of computers to turn into a publisher overnight and starts publishing journals, the open access movement has somehow deteriorated into a money making scheme for such publishers. For these publishers, attracting authors by any means and getting paid quickly for maximum number of submitted manuscripts is the only aim, for which many unethical practices are used. These unethical practices greatly compromise the quality of the articles published in these journals and cause irrepairable harm to the scientific community. Some publishers even publish dubious journals with ambiguous aims and scope. We were distressed by these unfortunate developments.

We were very clear that we did not want to be just "another" publisher with a large number of journals in our portfolio and compromise in any way with the quality of published content. When we had our discussions and debates over many weeks, we reached a unanimous decision that we will not be part of the race to start a huge number of journals in the shortest possible time or have our primary focus on making money. As researchers, we owed this to ourselves and to other researchers.

Our firm belief in free access to published scientific content and a strong will to serve the scientific community with honesty and integrity were the motivating factors for us to start Edorium Journals. We have decided to grow Edorium Journals into a company dedicated to publishing open access academic journals which will be known for great content and highest ethical practices, and make published research freely available to readers in any part of the world.

The core principles adopted by Edorium Journals
To publish scholarly journals in medical and biomedical specialties and sub-specialties.
To nurture these journals to make them the most authoritative journals in their respective specialties.
To follow highest ethical principles in all processes and at all steps in publishing.
To make published research freely available to scientific community without restrictions.
To keep the publication charges as low as possible by adopting low cost innovative methods.
To disseminate the research in multiple ways, immediately on publication.
To work with honesty, integrity and have an unwavering commitment to Open Access.

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