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Terms of Guarantee - Edorium Journals

These terms apply to the guarantee of prompt, time bound service offerred by Edorium Journals.

  • The Discount Voucher will be sent to the corresponding author along with the PDF of the published article.
  • The Discount Voucher can be used by any author(s) of the manuscript for which the voucher is issued.
  • The Discount Voucher can be used upto two years from the date of issue.
  • The Discount Voucher can not be transferred to any author(s) other than the author(s) of the manuscript for which the voucher is issued.
  • Each Discount Voucher will have a unique code. It will be necessary to mention the code during manuscript submission, either in Cover Letter or in the Manuscript File(s).
  • Any manuscript is considered submitted for publication to Edorium Journals and included in the manuscript review and publication process only after a manuscript ID is assigned to the manuscript and emailed to the authors.
  • Authors will be kept updated of the publication timeline at regular intervals.
  • We estimate that the authors will take 10-14 days to send the revised manuscript, 2-3 days to make the payment and 1-2 days to send the corrected page proofs to the Editorial Office.
  • If time taken by the authors to send the revised files or corrected page proofs exceeds the estimated time and/or the manuscript requires technical revision, content revision or more that one round of editorial review and/or peer review and/or revisions and/or proof corrections; the time for first decision and publication will increase correspondingly.
  • If waiver of article publication charges is given for any manuscript, gurantee and these conditions will not apply.
  • This gurantee will not apply to the following monthly issue journal(s): International Journal of Case Reports and Images (IJCRI).
  • We will make all efforts to honor our guarantee; however, the guarantee will not apply in unforeseen circumstances beyond our control such as natural disasters and hardware and software problems.
  • These conditions may be modified at any time without prior notice or warning. In such a case a notice to this effect will be published on this page.

Note: All manuscripts submitted to Edorium Journals will undergo editorial review followed by double-blind peer review. In the double-blind expert peer review process neither the reviewers nor the authors know the identity of each other. This enables an unbiased and accurate review of the manuscript.

Page updated: October 01, 2016

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