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FAQ's - Manuscript Submission


What type of articles are published in Edorium Journals?

Each journal published by Edorium Journals group has its own policy about the type of articles they publish. Most commonly published articles are:
  • Review articles
  • Original Articles
  • Short Reports
  • Rapid Communication
  • Case Series
  • Case in Images
  • Case Reports
  • Clinical Images
  • Letter to the Editors
Announcements are also published in the journals.

Why should I submit my manuscript to Edorium Journals?

Please see the 'FAQ - General' and 'Why Publish With Us?' sections of the website. You can access the pages from the left navigation menu.

Is there a print version of the journal?

Currently, all journals published by Edorium Journals group are published as an online journals. You can use the link to HTML and PDF versions of all the articles to download the articles and read it offline.

How can I submit my manuscript to journals published by Edorium Journals group?

You can submit your manuscript including cover letter, article text file and illustrations, to journals in two ways. You can use the 'Online Submission' page on each journal's website, to submit your manuscript online. Alternatively you can submit your manuscript and other files as email attachments to our Editorial Office. Please see 'Email Submission' page of respective journals for more information. In both cases you will receive immediate confirmation that we have received your files.

Do I need permission to reproduce material from articles published in Edorium Journals?

The copyright of all articles published by Edorium Journals remains with the author of that article. Text, illustrations, figures or tables from any articles published in any journal published by Edorium Journals group may be reproduced in any format or medium. The only condition being that the respective journal must be identified as the original publisher, and proper attribution of authorship and correct citation details are given. You can not of course publish any content as your own original content, unless you are the original author of that content.

How is my article cited after publication?

All articles published in any journal published by Edorium Journals group are cited in the same way as those published in print journals. Each published article receives a unique Article ID and doi. Citation will include - author names, article title, journal name, year of publication, volume, number, and inclusive page numbers. Please see at the 'How to cite this article' on the abstract and full text pages of your article on the journal website.
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