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What is Edorium Journals?

Edorium Journals is a new and growing academic publisher, founded in 2012 with the objective of publishing high quality scholarly content by following highest ethical principles and disseminating the content free of charge to readers in every part of the world, at very low publishing cost.

How many journals are published by Edorium?

Edorium Journals is currently publishing peer reviewed, scholarly journals covering subjects in basic sciences, medical specialties and surgical specialties. Over next few years we will launch and publish scholarly journals encompassing whole range of medical and biomedical disciplines. These journals will cover a wide range of subjects and give every author an avenue to publish their work in specialty and sub-specialty journals.

Why publish open access journals?

In the traditional model followed by many scientific publishers, the access to published research is restricted to recover the cost of publishing. The access is allowed only by subscription or purchase of articles and journal issues. This restricted access to published research is detrimental to the interests of authors, readers and the scientific community as a whole. The research of authors reaches a very limited scientific community and readers and libraries have to pay huge amount in subscriptions and purchase of articles. This is increasingly difficult as the amount of research is increasing while library budgets remain static. Open access publishing benefits you in both your roles - as an author and as a reader.
  • All published articles freely available to all readers in any part of the world.
  • Many traditional journals cover the cost of publication through subscriptions to the journal or charging for purchase of individual articles. This means that if an author wants to use previously published articles, he/she will either have to pay to purchase the articles or look for similar articles which are freely available. Free availability of your work means more citations for your articles and their increased impact in scientific literature.
  • You also benefit from work of other researchers published under Open Access. You are free to download and read their work and this provides you with the latest, peer-reviewed scientific information without charges.
  • You will retain the copyright of your articles, which means you can freely reproduce and distribute your work. No permission is required from publisher to use your own work as happens in traditional subscription based journals.
  • Everyone, including yourself, your friends, colleagues and the scientific community has immediate and free access to the results of your research.
  • For ease of access the articles are available in multiple formats (HTML, PDF).
  • The articles published under open access by Edorium fully citable. Each article receives a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) number.

Why should I publish my article in Edorium Journals?

The advantages of publishing your valuable manuscript in Edorium Journals are:
  • Broad scope and specialized journals: Journals that will be published by Edorium Journals will fall under two categories: journals with a broad scope, like: Edorium  Journal of Medicine and Edorium  Journal of Surgery, and journals which are very specialized in their subject, like: Edorium  Journal of Robotic Surgery and Edorium  Journal of Image Analysis.*
  • All journals are open access: All journals published by Edorium Journals are open access. This means your published article is freely available to anyone in the world to read, download and print, directly from the journal website.
  • Fast online submission: You can submit your manuscript through our website using a simple form or by email. No registration is required to submit your manuscript.
  • Prompt Service: When you submit your work to Edorium Journals you will get an efficient, personalized and courteous service. We will respond to all your mails within 24 hrs.
To know more about "Why to publish with Edorium Journals?" please click here.

Are the articles published by Edorium Journals free to read, download, re-use and re-distribute by everyone?

Absolutely yes. All our journals are published under open access model. The articles published in all our journals are freely and permanently accessible online, by everyone, anywhere in the world.

Who retains the copyright of the articles published in Edorium?

Authors who publish their work in EdoriumJournal retain the copyright to their work. The published work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. This license allows articles to be freely downloaded from the Edorium website, and re-used and re-distributed without restriction, as long as the original work is properly cited.

Do all articles undergo external peer review?

All articles published by Edorium Journals undergo an anonymous, through and stringent external expert, double-blind peer review.

After submission, after how much time will my manuscript be published in Edorium Journals?

At Edorium Journals we strive for Early Decision and Rapid Dissemination (EDRD). The time from "Submission to First decision" is six weeks and time from "us receiving page proof corrections to publication" is four week.

Do all articles published in Edorium Journals have DOI?

All articles published in our journals have a unique DOI assigned to them. The metadata of all published articles is submitted to CrossRef organization for permanent linking.

Are journals published by Edorium Journals indexed?

All articles published Edorium Journals are indexed by google scholar. Process to get the journals indexed for every journal published by Edorium Journals group will be started as soon as we meet the indexing criteria of various indexing services. Edorium Journals also participates in CrossRef, allowing direct linking from an article citations elsewhere to the full text of that article in an Edorium Journals.

How do you guarantee continuous availability of my articles to the readers?

All articles published by Edorium Journals are hosted on the servers of a very reputed USA based hosting provider. As a safety precaution, two backup copies of all Edorium Journals websites and all articles published in Edorium Journals are also stored on two other independent servers. In case of failure of the primary server, the other two servers can provide access to all articles within 24-36 hours.

Do Edorium Journals have Impact Factors?

The journals published by Edorium are relatively new. The oldest journal is about two years old. For any journal to have an Impact Factor, however, it must be tracked for at least three years. We hope to have an Impact Factor assigned to all Edorium Journals in the coming years.

What are the Article Publishing Charges of Edorium Journals?

Edorium Journals do not have submission or processing charges. The Article Publishing Charges of Edorium Journals are payable only when an article has undergone Editorial and Peer review and has been accepted for publication in an Edorium Journals. One of the core guiding principles of Edorium Journals is "To keep the publication charges as low as possible by adopting low cost innovative methods". We conscientiously follow these core principles in all our services. This is why our Article Publishing Charges are lowest in the industry. Please read the Article Publishing Charges FAQ's here.
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