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Embargo Policy

Embargo Policy

Responsibilities of the Journals

All manuscripts are under the media embargo period from the time a manuscript is submitted for publication to a journal published by Edorium Journals group to the day it is published online in its Early View version (or the journal rejects the manuscript from publication).

Edorium Journals considers the manuscripts submitted for publication to any of its journals as privileged documents and will not release it to the press or public before it is published. Edorium Journals policy is not to discuss any manuscript submitted to any journal published by Edorium Journals with anyone other than the corresponding author before the manuscript has been published as Early View version in the journal.

Edorium Journals may refuse to publish any manuscript, even after it has been accepted for publication in the journal, if the information in the manuscript has been released to the media before publication.

Edorium Journals may choose to write a press release regarding papers to be published in the journals. In the event that a paper is chosen for a release, authors will be notified and informed of all embargo and publication dates. Authors will also be informed of any other publicity efforts being undertaken regarding their papers.

When a press release will be distributed, journalists will be given the names of corresponding authors, together with their phone and fax numbers and e-mail addresses. They will also given access to the full text of the selected papers on Friday, one week before publication. The content of the press release and papers is embargoed until one day before the Saturday of publication (Edorium Journals articles are published each Saturday).

Responsibilities of the authors

The author will keep the manuscript as a privileged document and will not release any part of the paper to the press or the public before publication.

The key findings of a paper should not be reported in the mass media prior to the paper's publication.

Authors may talk with the press about their work, but should coordinate with Edorium Journals, so that the reporters understand that papers are embargoed until after publication in the journal.

Authors should also refrain from granting interviews or providing copies of figures or data from their presentation or from the manuscript to any reporter unless the reporter agrees to abide by Edorium Journals' press embargo date.

When an article is published as Early View version in the journal, the embargo is lifted, but the article should still be cited as "in press."

If the authors or any other interested party release key findings of the manuscript or full content of the manuscript to the media before its publication in the journal as Early View article (or rejection of the manuscript), unless in coordination with Edorium Journals, will be in violation of the embargo policy.

Authors are not permitted to post the work on any website/blog/forum/board or at any other place, by any means, from the time such work is submitted to Edorium  Journals, until Edorium  Journals has published the Early View version of the article.

After a paper is accepted for publication, the authors may not post the work in its entirety on any website/blog/forum/board or at any other place, by any means, till the paper is published in Edorium  Journals in Early View version of the article. The authors may however post the title, author names and their affiliations and abstract, with the following statement on the first page of the paper - "The manuscript has been accepted for publication in (Name of the Journal)". After publication of the article, it may be posted anywhere with full journal citation included.

For any material that has been previously presented at scientific meetings or published in abstract form or in a conference proceeding, the authors are permitted to discuss their manuscripts with their peers but must not discuss or distribute complete or part of the unpublished manuscript in a manner that it will result in the distribution of the matrials to media or the public before the embargo date. Do not also disclose that the manuscript has been accepted for publication or under consideration for publication in the journal.

Responsibilities of media and public

Do not publish, broadcast, post online, or placed in the public domain any report on articles or other media to be published in the journal before the embargo date and time.

Advance material sent to the journalists is for background research only. Embargo dates and times will be clearly marked on all advance materials.

You may share embargoed materials only with experts in the field to seek their comments, but such materials must be clearly identified as embargoed and must include the embargo date and time.

Recipients are responsible for taking all necessary steps to ensure that all third parties honor the embargo.

No news coverage of the paper can appear anywhere before 2:00 p.m. Eastern U.S. Time on the Friday before the paper's publication. (Edorium Journals articles are published each Saturday).

Please do not participate in news conferences until after 2:00 p.m. Eastern U.S. Time the day before publication.

Failure to adhere to the embargo policy will result in suspension of privileged access to all embargoed materials from Edorium Journals publications.

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