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How to write a flawless manuscript - Free eBook

How to Write a Flawless Manuscript


"This is a comprehensive, concise, easily digestible memo on research manuscript writing excellence."Dr. ADEWOYIN Ademola
"The book is indeed a stepping stone to success in the great world of publishing research work."Reetu Kundu
"This is an interesting step by step manual to guide young researchers to publish manuscripts in journals with international standards. My congratulations to those who have conceived this easy to understand book."Mauro Rubini
"Simple, clear and a very good introduction for potential authors."Theodoros Aslanidis
"This book is itself the best example of how to write a flawless manuscript: all peer-reviewers will accept it!"V. Di Ciommo
"Begin with the end in mind" and "End with the beginning in mind". This book sheds new light on how to write an academic paper for publication in a scientific journal.Wei Wang
"Covering all the essential aspects comprehensively, structuring the whole content in a logical and systematic order and presenting the matter in a very brief, clear and effective manner - you have met the exact practical requirements of manuscript writers to the fullest extent through this e-book.I sincerely appreciate your creative thought and all of your hard work in making this book available to avast community of manuscript writers / reviewers / publishers who would surely love to use this e-book for their constant reference and guidance. I am sure that this e-book will contribute in a big way in promoting the professionalism of manuscript writing with high standards."A. Bhagya Lakshmi
"First of all you did a big job. Thank you for your excellent effort. We shared your ebook via yahoogroups of 1363 Pulmonary physicians. Please go on as what you did, where you did, how you did. Because it is veryyyyy helpful for us."Zuhal Karakurt
"This e-book is a simple but very valuable guide to junior researchers on how to write a perfect manuscript. A must read."Lixin Kan
"All journeys begin with a single step; and this e-book helps kickstart the journey of many a potential author. a must read."Dr B.K.Kundu
" This is a very interesting introduction guide to junior researchers on how to write a perfect manuscript. The authors should be congratulated for their good work. I look forward to seeing the next edition of this eBook."Dr. Kwok Ming HO

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