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Edorium Journals is an academic publisher of open access journals. The open access journals published by Edorium Journals are international, peer reviewed journals, open access journals covering subjects in medical specialties, surgical specialties and basic sciences. These open access academic journals give every author an avenue to publish their work in high quality open access journals in medical and biomedical disciplines.

Services by Edorium Journals

Edorium Journals as an open access journal publisher is committed to giving exceptional services as a publisher of academic open access journals. Every time you interact with Edorium Journals you will get efficient, personalized and courteous services.

Commitment by Edorium Journals

Edorium Journals as an open access journal publisher is dedicated to publishing high quality work in the peer reviewed journals and nurturing these journals into the most authoritative journals in their respective specialities.

Open Access Publishing

Edorium Journals publishes all articles under the open access model, defined under Budapest, Berlin, and Bethesda open access declarations. The full content of the articles published by Edorium Journals is freely available for anyone to read, download, print, use, re-use and build upon. The published articles are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License which permits unrestricted use, distribution and reproduction, free of charge, in any medium, provided that the original author(s) and original publisher are given due credit. The copyright of the published work is retained by the authors. Edorium Journals will always provide free access to all the articles published in its open access journals, without any obligations or restrictions, to all readers, in any part of the world.

Editorial and Peer Review

Every manuscript submitted for publication to any open access journal published by Edorium Journals undergoes stringent editorial review followed by anonymous, external peer-review (double-blind external peer review), followed by a second editorial review. In double-blind peer review neither the authors nor the reviewers know the identity of each other. This enables an unbiased review of the manuscript.

Publication Ethics

Edorium Journals is dedicated to publishing high quality work and giving exceptional services while adhering to highest ethical principles of scholarly publishing. We expect that authors, reviewers and editors will also adhere to high standards of publication ethics. Edorium Journals takes a very serious view of ethical violations in academic publishing. We have formulated policies to deal with manuscripts which are found to violate the ethical publishing guidelines. All manuscripts submitted for publication are checked for plagiarism using tools like CrossCheck before they are sent for editorial review. If an instances of ethical violations is detected, Edorium Journals will conduct an investigation and decide the best course of action following the ethical guidelines for academic publishing. Edorium Journals follows the Code of Conduct of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), and deals with the cases of misconduct according to the COPE Flowcharts

Cost Effective Publishing

Edorium Journals follow an open access publishing policy. To support the open access initiative instead of charging fees from the users to read the published content, an Article Publication Charge (APC) is levied after the manuscript has been accepted for publication. There are no submission or processing charges. One of the core guiding principles of Edorium Journals is "To keep the processing charges as low as possible by adopting low cost innovative methods". To remove financial constraints as a barrier to sharing and learning, Edorium Journals gives fee waivers to individual authors and has adopted a waiver policy. The reviewers are given fee waivers for each manuscript they review for Edorium Journals. Editors can publish any number of articles free of charge.

Service Guarantee

Every manuscript submitted for publication to any open access journal by Edorium Journals is given a guarantee of prompt, time bound service. If we are not able to fullfill the terms of the time bound service guarantee for any manuscript, we will publish the manuscript free of charge in our open access journals and also refund you full charges you may have already paid.

Dissemination of Articles

Publishing your valuable work in open access academic journals published by Edorium Journals will give your article the assurance of wide dissemination of your published articles, which will give your articles high visibility, increased citations and increase the impact of your work. All articles published in open access journals will be disseminated to a wide readership in many different ways.


"It is an honor that my manuscript was published in the Journal of Case Reports and Images in Oncology. The reviewers' comments were very valuable, the emails from the editor were friendly, and the process of publication was very quick."
Abdul Qadir Nashwan (Author)

"It was a wonderful experience getting our manuscript published in International Journal of Case Reports and Images. I would definitely recommend the journal and considering it for future publications."
Niki Lama (Author)

"It was a pleasure publishing into International Journal of Case Reports and Images. The rapid publication times were highly appreciated."
Michele Carron (Author)

"First let me thank you for publishing my article in your journal. It was my first publication and the experience was really good, totally hassle free and quick. The smooth journey from submission to publication made the whole process enjoyable and encourage me to start work on my next manuscript."
Sheetal Chaurasia (Author)

"Thank you very much for getting my manuscript published in International Journal of Case Reports and Images (IJCRI). Your editors have done great work. I want to say very warm heartfelt thanks for your great International Journal of Case Reports and Images and allowing me to aspire to higher and loftier goals for the upcoming year."
Rafie Hamidpour (Author)

"It has been a wonderful and satisfying experience with you for publication. I hope International Journal of Case Reports and Images (IJCRI) is a big success."
Rakesh Chauhan

"Thank you for the opportunity to publish on International Journal of Blood Transfusion and Immunohematology (IJBTI). I had a very pleasant experience communicating with the editorial board of IJBTI. Responses were prompt and requirements were not ambiguous. I would definitely consider the journal for future publications."
Indryas Woldie


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